Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WEB OF THE INCUBUS - complete collection, now available!!


Available now for the first time is the entire WEB OF THE INCUBUS storyline, in one bundle bursting with tentacles, mind control, and supernatural impregnation! This e-novel contains all 3 issues, as well as bonus art and never before seen sketches and outtakes, at a special bundle price of $8.99!! This and all three individual issues are now available in the store. Check it out!

PHEW... this has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. For those who have been wondering what we've been up to, there's been barely any free time between the (awesome!) commission work and getting this compilation ready to roll... producing gold editions are ehausting enough by themselves, and making a compilation calls for whipping up a bevy of awesome bonuses, to boot! But the good news is that now that all that is in the bag, I can focus on 'Big Bad Bitch' and finaly do the second half of that issue. New pages of 'Tales of Schlock'? Madness! :D And of course, next up for the gold treatment is one of our most popular issues of all time... Manoa will be back soon. Oh yes. Look forward to DARK CHERRY LATTE, gold & silver editions, coming next month!

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