Saturday, August 25, 2012

New commission piece! - "Yum Yum"

Well hello folks! After a nice little spree of doing this thing just for the love of it, it's always nice to have a real-deal professional piece to show for it.

The job was to do a piece inspired by London Andrews shoot over at muki's kitchen (we love London Andrews, and this set is a very, very guilty pleasure). This one was definitely a challenge... but darn it, I LOVE challenges! For starts, the client was interested in a slightly more mature pair of character. That was a little new for me, but I think the final speaks for itself. I' think the bbw with the grey shock of hair is actually really cute. ^_^
Also, to achieve the 'oiled up' look on her bum I had to try some new things in gimp, but as you can see, we ended up with a very slippery good look.

Still working on "Womb of Babylon" behind the scenes, and I PROMISE a new page of "Big Bad Bitch" soon! As in, I'm going to go work on it now...

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