Saturday, August 25, 2012

New commission piece! - "Yum Yum"

Well hello folks! After a nice little spree of doing this thing just for the love of it, it's always nice to have a real-deal professional piece to show for it.

The job was to do a piece inspired by London Andrews shoot over at muki's kitchen (we love London Andrews, and this set is a very, very guilty pleasure). This one was definitely a challenge... but darn it, I LOVE challenges! For starts, the client was interested in a slightly more mature pair of character. That was a little new for me, but I think the final speaks for itself. I' think the bbw with the grey shock of hair is actually really cute. ^_^
Also, to achieve the 'oiled up' look on her bum I had to try some new things in gimp, but as you can see, we ended up with a very slippery good look.

Still working on "Womb of Babylon" behind the scenes, and I PROMISE a new page of "Big Bad Bitch" soon! As in, I'm going to go work on it now...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

NEW FAN PORTRAITS (pt.2!) - Pinky, Bootylicious, Crystal Clear & Supathick Mami!

Bam! :D

And with this, my self-indulgence streak is satiated. Back to work on "Tales of Schlock" now, I promise!

Friday, August 10, 2012

NEW FAN PORTRAITS - Bunny de la Cruz, Veronica Bottoms & Sexy Redd!

Buxom blondes, big booty beauties, deep hotdogging your thing, Check THESE out!!


Ah, I have been meaning to do another round of portraits for a looooong time now... and these three beautiful lasses (all retired now, from what I can tell - good for them, tho' we'll miss them) are three of my all-time faves.

In addition to earnestly paying homage to the ladies that have inspired the kind of art I do, it also honestly is a relaxing break from the grind that is making gold editions behind the scenes - and really now, I can't go too long without releasing something publicly... I don't want you guys forgetting about me. ^_^

I'm very proud of this set, in a technical sense. I tried a couple new things, and I'm loving the result (the sculpted letting for Sexy Redd, and Bunny de la Cruz's hair especially!). And if you like this sort of thing as well, good news: I have four more inked pieces just waiting for me to color them in gimp! Heh heh, it'll have to after the weekend, my gang and I will be out of town for real-life shenanigans.

Final note: work on both "Big Bad Bitch" and the deluxe versions of "Womb of Babylon" continue... and for our lovers of "Coffee, Tea or Me?" I've already started inking the second chapter, "Dark Cherry Latte"... and Manoa is looking goooooood. ;)

Till next time, y'all!