Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Tales of Schlock"#8 Deluxe ed. Now Available!

The deluxe version of “Trapped in a Tangled Web” is now available in the store! Check out the free version of the whole issue here.

The fully inked and colored Gold edition e-issue is now available for only $2.99! Or get it for FREE with a commission piece!!

Interested? Drop us a line!

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Big Bad Bitch" - Pages 4-6!

Forced Fury Fun! Teen Bound & Humiliated By Milf! (Everything you folks love, eh?)

After our last more hentai-ish title was complete, I felt it'd been too long since we had another femdom/fetish-ish entry. We're switching in the tentacles for butt plugs this time around~ Ah, but tis all in good fun.

 Also, for those who are into the whole people-dressed-up-as-animals thing, I am actually active over at Fur Affinity now- since that's not really what I do generally, I don't have as much up there as at Hentai Foundry, but check it out if you're over there anyway. This issue is the first full ish I'll be posting there as well, so stay tuned!

And for those who are wondering: don't worry, fan-favorite Manoa WILL be back soon! Our next issue will have her returning in a veeery lovely bit of girl-girl sweetness. After all she's been through in the last story arc, she's getting a softball next time around. ^_^

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Site Fixes - 7/12/12

Hey all, I was too zonked out last night to mention, but I blitzed through a ton of image fixes, especially on the individual issue pages. So, if you haven't been to the site in a while, check it out! It's looking significantly less like a disused 1995 geocities page all the time!

*sigh* I'll say it again: this is why I got into drawing... to tinker with HTML till my frontal lobe collapses... X(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Big Bad Bitch" - 1st three pages!!

Nuff said! Straight to the fun!

Too tired for any soliloquies, but may I just say that it is so, so, sooooo much fun to be back at this, folks. Work on the deluxe version of "Trapped in a Tangled Web" continues as well... more news as it develops! Cheers~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are BACK and it's NEW ISSUE TIME!!!

Hello bisquicks! Didja miss me? I missed me. ;)

I also missed all you awesome folks - sorry for being away so long! As long time readers know, I had some extremely high-stakes time commitments this last month... and Better Half... and legitimizing rituals/paperwork. ^_^ But suffice to say, all went swimmingly, and though there will be some settling back in, we should be getting back into stride here shortly. And what better way to do so than with the cover art for our NEW ISSUE??

It's about time these two got another full-fledged issue. There will be a bit more of a precense for these two ladies in the comic, so I hope domming milfs and subbing teens sound like your cup of tea!

And speaking of cuppa, thanks for everyone who voted in the poll. Manoa reigns, as ever, the #1 bootylicious queen! We'll be seeing her REAL soon, don't y'all worry.

I had originally planned on not doing any new issues until I had gotten at least the first 10 issues remastered... but as satisfying as seeing the old-stuff-made-new is, I just NEED to draw new stuff too, I've learned. I'm going to try and be good... maybe only let myself do a new page for every, say, 3 old pages I redo... but there will be new stuff coming. Oh yes. See, even when I was too busy to draw proper, I was doing a hella lot of storyboarding...

Till next time, internet citizens!