Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Web of the Incubus" Chapter 1 - NOW AVAILABLE IN THE STORE!

Oh great googly-moogly, here we go again. For everyone who enjoyed our latest incubus saga, this is your chance to go back to the beginning, and see how it all began....

In this, the first chapter of the newly revised, inked & colored 'Web of the Incubus' trilogy, Fukumi learns just how much being jumped by a horny spider-shaped fertility demon really... sucks. ^_^

As always, you can get all 20 deluxe full-color pages for just $2.99! Black & white versions also available for just $1.99... or get the whole thing for FREE when you order a commission!

Look forward to future deluxe editions of parts 2 & 3, coming soon!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

MORE new portraits!

Thanks for all the positive feedback all! Since we're enjoying the subject matter so much.... how about a different take on it? This time around it's aaaaaall about the booty!