Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who wants a FREE comic? NEW commission deal!!

Hello all! So, as I alluded to in my last post, we've got a new deal brewing for you, as hot as black coffee! To celebrate our 400 page landmark, and y'all's amazing continued support, we will now be offering...

ONE FREE GOLD ED. ISSUE OF TALES OF SCHLOCK with every inked commission! Aw yeah. You read that right. Instead of ONE high-rez, inked & colored masterpiece, you'll get TWENTY-ONE!

All of the first six issues are now available as Gold editions, with a little something for everyone!



For bondage, big boobs & bigger butts, check out our original "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" storyline! For exotic adventures and lecherous monsters, how about "Bride of the Mummy"? And of course, brand new, we have the first installment in our most popular series: "Coffee, Tea, or Me?". If the bootylicious & thick Manoa says she wants you... she gets you!

Not interested in a commission piece at this time? Remember, our Gold Editions are still available individually at extremely reasonable rate! And for a true porntastic recession buster, our B&W Silver editions are also available at a discount!

Interested? Drop me a line~

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