Monday, May 14, 2012

"Kinky Sects" - CONCLUSION!!

Before I go any further, I've got one thing to say:


And so our little perverted epic draws to a close... I hope you enjoyed this storyline as much as I have. I am so happy to have finally gotten this leg of the Incubus saga down. I've touched on this topic before, but one of the reasons I started this comic was to produce the things I just wasn't seeing... and if you're like me, I TOTALY but a tentacle monster who's a chubby chaser. ^_^ It's been rewarding and exhausting, and I'm ready to switch gears a bit. Don't worry though- I don't think this is the last we'll see of everyone's favorite sumerian sex demon... And for those keepng score at home, you may have noticed that "web of the incubus" is next up for a deluxe re-release! :D

On that note though, I want to give y'all a heads up: we're going to be taking a wee hiatus from Tales of Schlock -don't panic, we'll be back!!-

To focus on some real-life projects (involving Better Half, 'legitimizing' that relationship, wink wink).  We'll still be around though, and I don't think I could stop drawing if you put a gun to my head!

And related to that, now more than ever I'm feeling motivated to help people out with some commissions, and I'm about to sweeten the deal so god it might give you a diabetic coma: How does a free deluxe ish of "Tales of Schlock" with each original piece sound, eh? I'll have more details in my next post!

And finally, looking down to past our hiatus, what's coming up? Ish 21 will be a "Wicked Step-Milf", because we have not seen our favorite saddlebag-milf and spunky teen in FAR too long! Also look forward to LOTS more "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" Manoa had a rough week in this last story... I think she needs some good times, eh? And for everyone who's been sking, I promise you MORE BODACIA!

Till next time, stay frosty!

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