Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Coffee, Tea, or Me?" #1 GOLD ED. NOW AVAILABLE!

I know I've been promising this one for, oh, FOREVER... but after an awesome marathon of coloring yesterday, I'm am very, very proud to announce that the deluxe versions of the first chapter in our ongoing workplace fantasy series "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" are NOW AVAILABLE!

Previews? Oh, we got previews, a'course...

Manoa looks sooooo good. We saw her at the receiving end of things back in the "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" arc, but truth be known: I just love it when she gets to take charge. A sexy big girl who's not afraid of what she wants? Mmmm...

So, for our fans of Manoa, big booty babes, and sexy comics, drop us a line about picking up an e-copy! As always, get 20 full color pages of dat azz for only 3 bucks! (also available in a B&W recession buster for 2 bucks!)

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