Friday, March 2, 2012

Fanboy Friday - Scarlett, London Andrews, & Aria Giovanni!

Today, I'm giving a shout out to three of my absolute fave models. I really think these are three of the loveliest ladies out there, and I'm paying homage by doing what I do - trying to capture a little of that beauty on paper. So here they are!

I've written about the amazingly sexy Scarlett before... I can't think of any more influential reason for my love of curves than this extraordinary woman. (She's relaunching her site soon... keep your eyes peeled!)

London Andrews is a newer fave of mine. Besides the fact she is an exquisitely buxom babe, I love the versatility and variety of stuff she does (something I allude to in my pic).

And of course, there's the legendary Aria Giovanni. And yes, I know what you're thinking- A lot of the work I do tends to focus on the slightly more... rubanesque body-types... but the truth is that women of ALL shapes and sizes are beautiful, IMO. So here's some love for one of my all time faves!

These were a blast to make. And there's nothing quite so gratifying as hearing a positive review from the very objects of adoration themselves. When I posted these on twitter, I heard back from both Scarlett & London saying they (gasp!!) enjoyed the pics!

And THAT makes my day. We out!

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