Monday, March 5, 2012

"Bride of the Mummy" - The Bootytastic Latina's encounter with a Lecherous Monster, remastered!

And this one was a labor of LOVE, lemme tell ya...

This was a technically challenging ish to do, and I had to be somewhat experimental in places with my methods (oh god, the brick walls, the horror!) but at the end of the day this is just a really fun, sexy story of a beautful chica in the wrong pyramid at the wrong time.

And as with our other reduxed issues, it can be yours now! The silver (B&W) ed. is a jaw droppingly low $1.99, and the gold edition (colorful, wow!) is a rediculous $2.99! Details on the main site, or alternitively, just email me at and I can give ya the skinny (ooh, that's a dirty word here).

Sooooo... yeah. If you enjoyed this ish, and want to give your humble offer a pat on the back, def'ly consider picking this one up. I truly couldn't do this without the support of my fans, and y'all seriously rock.

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