Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Demonic Sects Chapter 2 - 'Rough Sects' cover

Yup! Our awesomeness can not be contained! And here is the goods:

Just to whet your appetites. This is going to be a crazy issue. :)

Prolly no more pages till next week, I'm afraid, but We've got some good updates coming up before then as well. Also: ALMOST done with the gold ed. of "Bride of the Mummy" - look forward to it soon!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chubby Latina gets Gang-Banged by a Lesbian Cult! The Concl' to 'Tantric Sects'

'know, I write headers like that, and I'm reminded just how much we like to keep things classy and high-brow around here. ^_^ Well, as I mentioned to my buddy Darrell San, on his recent pic of a amazingly topheavy & feisty barbarian Milf, 'If that's what barbarians are like, then I'm resigning civilization'. So let's make with the end of the beginning of this story arc, eh?


I really feel like this is the fastest I've ever blitzed through an issue, truth be told. Part of it may be (as I've mentioned before) just how much I've been dieing to do this storyarc, and part of it is also how I do like to bounce between some lighter and darker stuff. And I looooooved the superheroine arc, don't get me wrong, but now it's time for something a little... gooier.

And the goo is JUST beginning. The next ish? Messed up and oh so wrong, but I'm willing to bet it'll go down as one of the all-time highest ranked one's we've done here at the Radish Room. :D

In other news, Finally finished the Silver Ed. of "Bride of the Mummy"! I'm going to try and blitz the gold edition before I put any notice up in the store, or any fanfare at all really. And once I'm through with that, I'll get the next ish rolling, plus start my next redux project - The lovely Manoa from above in the slightly less fantastical but oh-so-close-to-home soap opera "Coffee, Tea or Me?" #01.

Also coming up: New fan art is on the horizon! Look for portraits of some of my favorite inspirational beauties coming up in the next couple posts!

And finally... happy Leap Day. Remember- anything done on Leap Day doesn't count!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tantric Sects - Pages 10-12!

Wow, we are going great guns a'blazing, now! Shall we jump right in?

Behind the scenes, revision work is also blitzing. Only three pages left to polish off before "Bride of the Mummy" silver ed. is done, followed by coloring the gold ed., AKA 'THE FUN PART'). Also, inking of 'coffee, Tea, or Me?' #1 is half done! I'm gunning to have BOM available by the end of Feb, And CTM#01 by the first half of March.

Also (and it always strikes me as funny when this happens), I was taking stock of what I needed to draw for the next issue when I realized that I already had almost half the ish done from isolated sketches. Of course, this means everything should continue to blitz along.

And that, of course, is worth a woot.


Have a porny day, all!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Tantric Sects" - Pages 4 - 9!

Okay, okay, y'all have been very patient with the exposition here (we've gotta set the scene, eh? WITHOUT A STORY THE PRON IT IZ POWERl3ss OMGWTFacronyms) But here we are, and the good stuff starts NOW. :D

Alternative title for this storyline really should've been 'Manoa and the Terrible, Awful, No-Good, Very Bad Day I Was Kidnapped By a Sex Cult'. Oh well, wouldn't have really fit on the cover. ^^

More is coming up soon, as I wrap up the pencil art for this ish. Also (Sigh) behind the scenes, I'm continuing work on the deluxe editions of 'Bride of the Mummy' and 'Coffee, Tea, or Me?'#01. I really need to try and rework where I put my hours on these things, because at this rate I'll be putting out two new issues for every one issue I go back to revise. And that gap ain't gonna get any smaller... oh well, it'll get done when it gets done. Right?

Have a porny day, all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Demonic Sects! NEW Hentai-inspired Trilogy!!

Well ladles and jellyspoons, here it is. I was promising something big... I REALLY enjoyed our last storyarc, but after so many pages devoted to butts in spandex type cheesecake, I think its time to switch gears from NC17 to XXX, if you know what I mean. ;)

And so, without further ado, I present chapter one of our next long storyline - a continuation of the incubus saga, starring the phat booty'd Manoa!!

Tentacles tentacles tentacles... not to mention some good old fashioned mind control, bondage, lesbians, and more await our poor heroine. (Don't worry, its entirely possible all will end well. Probably.)

This one starts off with a few pages of explanation, but trust me: once we switch into high gear, you won't know what hit you.

Behind the scenes, still working on the gold and silver editions of 'Bride of the Mummy', as well as started inking 'Mexican Mocha'. I really want to get into a rhythm of reduxing two issues for every new one... at that rate, they should all be available in the store in the next 70 billion years. *sigh* army of one, folks. Bear with me.

More soon! Till then, have a porny day, y'all

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day, Schlockies!

Hope yours is spent curled up with a vivacious lady... or at least with a beer and a good brainless action movie. Oh, I know: I spent plenty of Valentine's days sitting on the couch in an unlit room, eating a microwave burrito in my underwear and weeping before I met Better Half. Ah, good times...

But anyway, speaking of better half: this last xmas, she was incredibly sweet an got me a set of awesome faber-castell markers, which I've been experimenting with lately. I actually used them to make this Valentine's day piece. It's a little different from my usual style, but I like how the minimal line art looked.


Happy Feb 14th, all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Royal Jelly - The Conclusion!

Oh my goodness! Is this it? Is this the END?!?!

Ah... I love a happy ending, don't you?

Oog, your humble author has been having a rough week - I got nasty sick this last week, PLUS horrible job related unpleasantness... *sigh* nothing to be done about it I guess, except I'm sorry it slowed me down getting this good stuff up. I really, really love working on this comic, and my art. And when life is stupid (which is all too often) It makes me so happy to have this outlet and know that, in my small schlocky way, folks appreciate what I'm putting out.

But anyway! Is this it for the Queen B? Maybe... at least for now. This was the complete storyline I plotted out (Yes! I do that!) from the beginning, but I most certainly am not going to close the door on super-cuties here at the Radish Room. But that said, we're going to be revisiting some other threads for a little bit....

More up soon! When my stomach isn't so full of jittery raccoons... *oog*