Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So much cool stuff!!! Are you excited? Yeah, you should be. ^_^

My little pitch first: it's been a cold winter, and I'd loooove to pay my heating bill... so we're going to celebrate 2012 with special deals on ALL commission work! Now through Feb. 29th (woo! Leap year!) we're offering...

Pencil sketches for ONLY $12! (For Feb. '29'th!)
Inked and colored pieces for ONLY $29 (For 20'12'!!)

Ain't that cool? And seriously folks, not to play the 'woe is me' card, but suffice to say your modest author here is very motivated to make some satisfied customers. (Thanks heat bill, phone bill, internet bill, student loans, rent, cost of paper & pencils and groceries. Not even a life, seriously. Like, humble utilities, for reals yo'). So seriously, if you like the work you see here, consider pursuing a customized portrait, scene, or other act of art? :D

So with that plea out, let me sweeten the deal with NEW STUFF!!!ZOMG

This is it folks, the conclusion to the 'Queen B' trilogy! And we're going out with a bang, oh yes! (Don't worry, Roux! Not literally... maybe?) I've already done the art for the first six pages, so look forward to those getting up as soon as I have time to play with them in GIMP.

And finally, a long overdue piece of fanart - an homage to possibly my favorite web comic of all time - Menage a 3!

I can not recommend this comic enough. It's everything I love - sexy, genuinely funny & charming, and superbly well-drawn. And Canadian. ;) The day I discovered it, I read the entire run in one afternoon (yay for being home sick from work, eh?) I introduced Better Half to it- she read it all in one afternoon. We showed our friends.... you see where I'm going with this.

Okay, I THINK that's it for now... *PHEW*! More coming soon! Till then, have a porny time~

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