Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jiggle Belles - Fukumi's Setsubun Suprise! + Fan Art

That last story is going to be a very hard act to follow... but I think you folks are going to enjoy this new dish. Behold, part one of the last of our holiday shorts!

Geeee, It's been too long since we had (1) some hot monster action, and (2) Fukumi getting ANY action... and really, doesn't it seem like the only time the poor girl gets on base is when some otherworldly entity invades her apartment?
But yeah, the snake girl is one I've wanted to introduce for a while. All of our other lusty demons have been extraordinarily male. We pride ourselves on fairness, here at the Radish Room! And lady-demons need loving too!
Don't worry too much about Fukumi ending up on the dining plate... I think this little snake is getting distracted by this alien physiology.

Also, fan art! :D

The first was done for an artist I've admired for a long time now - PabloTovarJr. (check his amazing work out over at Lush Artists!) He very nicely agreed to doing an exchange of art, and so I whipped up this little slice of cheesecake. That's Angelica, Pablo's OC. Ain't she sweet? I usually do much more bawdy sexuality, so it was a lot of fun to draw a girl who's both extremely sensual, but very sweet and innocent.
Conversely, the second was for an artist I JUST discovered. Ben Bourbon writes an extremely fun and smexy webcomic called Devilbear. Check it out - it's like if Coop drew a webcomic written by Elvira, mistress of the dark!

Stay tuned for next time, when we conclude our current issue (!!!). I'll be working on some changes to the website as well, so stay tuned for any updates on how that's going.

Till next time, have a porny day~

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