Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Royal Jelly" - SIX pages of Boobs vs. Butts! (And a bonus, too!)

Hey all! My work on the radishroom has been so weird lately... I finished all the pencil art for the issue a while back, so I've only been limited by the time I get access to GIMP at home. (And occaisionally I do try to have a life, and run off with Better Half to the hills). But anyway, at the cost of sleep and sanity, I give you pages 7-12 of "Royal Jelly"! (That's a two page spread in there, btw)




Now, one more juicy pic for y'all. A user over at Hentai Foundry left some awfully nice comments on the latest issue. I moseyed over to their profile to say thanks, when I saw a comprehensive list of their fav kind of porny stuff, topped off with the phrase "If you could mix all of these into one picture I would probably explode!"

Challenge accepted.


In this picture:

BBW/Chubby Woman

Big asses

Big Boobs

Shemale on girl (via strapons)




Black girls

Asian girls


Petite White Women

and a Furry... perhaps a short bull getting the scene down on paper? 

This one was just a joy. It was a pain too, but tackling it was supremely rewarding. I also tested out a couple technical things in Gimp when I cleaned it up. I won't get too technical, but I think I've figured out a way to do something tedious that used to take 30 minutes in less than a quarter of the time.

In other words, less time doing grunt work, more stuff faster. (!!!)

On that note, I just want to vent on a lot of the crazy stuff I'm working on behind the scenes. I'm working on the gold & silver editions of "Bride of the Mummy" (preview will be up as soon as its done!), I've started inking "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"#01, and ALSO I've been going back to my older sketchbooks and finishing dozens of half-done bits in preparation for the next long story arc (which, by the way, will be one of the most twisted arcs EVAH~!)

Cheers all, have a porny day


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