Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boobtastic supervillains, Curvacious blue girls...and social media?!

Time for an awesome grab bag of swag in today's update, y'all! First up, please welcome your humble author into the 21st century by checking out Rampant404 on twitter! Now, you can keep tabs on new art and developments here in the Radish Room in helpful 140 character bite-sized nuggets. 

And now, the goods: pages 4, 5 and 6 of 'Royal Jelly'!


Double D is such a delightfully twisted character to direct. And judging from everyone's reactions so far, Queen B getting smothered by a pair of elephantine bazonkas is a crowd-pleaser. I mean, heck, I don't think I'd mind going out that way. ;)

What's next for our hapless heroine? Stay tuned, it'll be here when I get a minute, for crying out loud...

But wait, there's more! We've got a couple of commission pieces to share. A while back I did a piece for Versusme of his OC Lady Ta'zuna. Ladies and jellyspoons, I'm pleased as punch to welcome my favorite blue lady recently joined us for another session!


M'yez, as you can prolly guess, decided to put in a little of our current expansion kick with a dash of Lamia guest appearance. LOVE love love hoe this one came out, after all the coloring was done especially! The sketch was a freebie I threw in... Just had to do one more shot while we had our guest in the studio, as it were. ^_^

Also in the works: Behind the scenes, I'm working hard on getting deluxe versions of the old issues inked and colored. I see from our survey there is at least some interest in that- and seriously, can I just say for a moment that I'm so thankful for y'all's support and enthusiasm. Without it, the Radish Room just wouldn't exist.

So... if you like the stuff you see up here, please consider showing your support by ordering a gold or silver issue of "Tales of Schlock", won't you? For a couple bucks, you'll get 20 pages of exquisitely-executed, curvacious camp, and you'll know you're supporting the little mom & pop erotica shops of the interwebs~



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