Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Royal Jelly" - SIX pages of Boobs vs. Butts! (And a bonus, too!)

Hey all! My work on the radishroom has been so weird lately... I finished all the pencil art for the issue a while back, so I've only been limited by the time I get access to GIMP at home. (And occaisionally I do try to have a life, and run off with Better Half to the hills). But anyway, at the cost of sleep and sanity, I give you pages 7-12 of "Royal Jelly"! (That's a two page spread in there, btw)




Now, one more juicy pic for y'all. A user over at Hentai Foundry left some awfully nice comments on the latest issue. I moseyed over to their profile to say thanks, when I saw a comprehensive list of their fav kind of porny stuff, topped off with the phrase "If you could mix all of these into one picture I would probably explode!"

Challenge accepted.


In this picture:

BBW/Chubby Woman

Big asses

Big Boobs

Shemale on girl (via strapons)




Black girls

Asian girls


Petite White Women

and a Furry... perhaps a short bull getting the scene down on paper? 

This one was just a joy. It was a pain too, but tackling it was supremely rewarding. I also tested out a couple technical things in Gimp when I cleaned it up. I won't get too technical, but I think I've figured out a way to do something tedious that used to take 30 minutes in less than a quarter of the time.

In other words, less time doing grunt work, more stuff faster. (!!!)

On that note, I just want to vent on a lot of the crazy stuff I'm working on behind the scenes. I'm working on the gold & silver editions of "Bride of the Mummy" (preview will be up as soon as its done!), I've started inking "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"#01, and ALSO I've been going back to my older sketchbooks and finishing dozens of half-done bits in preparation for the next long story arc (which, by the way, will be one of the most twisted arcs EVAH~!)

Cheers all, have a porny day


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boobtastic supervillains, Curvacious blue girls...and social media?!

Time for an awesome grab bag of swag in today's update, y'all! First up, please welcome your humble author into the 21st century by checking out Rampant404 on twitter! Now, you can keep tabs on new art and developments here in the Radish Room in helpful 140 character bite-sized nuggets. 

And now, the goods: pages 4, 5 and 6 of 'Royal Jelly'!


Double D is such a delightfully twisted character to direct. And judging from everyone's reactions so far, Queen B getting smothered by a pair of elephantine bazonkas is a crowd-pleaser. I mean, heck, I don't think I'd mind going out that way. ;)

What's next for our hapless heroine? Stay tuned, it'll be here when I get a minute, for crying out loud...

But wait, there's more! We've got a couple of commission pieces to share. A while back I did a piece for Versusme of his OC Lady Ta'zuna. Ladies and jellyspoons, I'm pleased as punch to welcome my favorite blue lady recently joined us for another session!


M'yez, as you can prolly guess, decided to put in a little of our current expansion kick with a dash of Lamia guest appearance. LOVE love love hoe this one came out, after all the coloring was done especially! The sketch was a freebie I threw in... Just had to do one more shot while we had our guest in the studio, as it were. ^_^

Also in the works: Behind the scenes, I'm working hard on getting deluxe versions of the old issues inked and colored. I see from our survey there is at least some interest in that- and seriously, can I just say for a moment that I'm so thankful for y'all's support and enthusiasm. Without it, the Radish Room just wouldn't exist.

So... if you like the stuff you see up here, please consider showing your support by ordering a gold or silver issue of "Tales of Schlock", won't you? For a couple bucks, you'll get 20 pages of exquisitely-executed, curvacious camp, and you'll know you're supporting the little mom & pop erotica shops of the interwebs~



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bootylicious Superheroine Returns!

Oh yes. You know you want it. You NEED it. Howzabout the we start it off with the first three pages of the ish?


Swish! Love Queen B in that first panel... I need to make a sticker of that booty, or somehing! So cute... and can I just say? THIS IS A GOOD GIRL- helping even the most ungrateful of treed cats! (And yeah, that's totally Manoa's cat. Small city, innit?)
But who could have set up the less-than-flattering butt signal? Stay tuned kiddies! (Hint: it may or may not be a boobtastic supervillain who's name rhymes with scmubble schmee~)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So much cool stuff!!! Are you excited? Yeah, you should be. ^_^

My little pitch first: it's been a cold winter, and I'd loooove to pay my heating bill... so we're going to celebrate 2012 with special deals on ALL commission work! Now through Feb. 29th (woo! Leap year!) we're offering...

Pencil sketches for ONLY $12! (For Feb. '29'th!)
Inked and colored pieces for ONLY $29 (For 20'12'!!)

Ain't that cool? And seriously folks, not to play the 'woe is me' card, but suffice to say your modest author here is very motivated to make some satisfied customers. (Thanks heat bill, phone bill, internet bill, student loans, rent, cost of paper & pencils and groceries. Not even a life, seriously. Like, humble utilities, for reals yo'). So seriously, if you like the work you see here, consider pursuing a customized portrait, scene, or other act of art? :D

So with that plea out, let me sweeten the deal with NEW STUFF!!!ZOMG

This is it folks, the conclusion to the 'Queen B' trilogy! And we're going out with a bang, oh yes! (Don't worry, Roux! Not literally... maybe?) I've already done the art for the first six pages, so look forward to those getting up as soon as I have time to play with them in GIMP.

And finally, a long overdue piece of fanart - an homage to possibly my favorite web comic of all time - Menage a 3!

I can not recommend this comic enough. It's everything I love - sexy, genuinely funny & charming, and superbly well-drawn. And Canadian. ;) The day I discovered it, I read the entire run in one afternoon (yay for being home sick from work, eh?) I introduced Better Half to it- she read it all in one afternoon. We showed our friends.... you see where I'm going with this.

Okay, I THINK that's it for now... *PHEW*! More coming soon! Till then, have a porny time~

Friday, January 13, 2012

Turns out Lamias have a Taste for Busty Japanese Girls...

I mean, who knew, right? Well, I guess Fukumi does now...

And so this issue comes to a close. I hope y'all enjoyed our little holiday anthology. It was a complete joy to write, let me tell ya! I was actually plotting out the next few issues I want to do, and I may have slightly exhausted myself when I realized I had just planned out about the next year's worth of artistic endeavors... *heavy*

Anywho, I've really been enjoying some of my productivity on OTHER fronts than this comic. The last couple pieces of fan art were gold, I feel, and I actually have some more in the pipeline - stay tuned! The website's been getting serious love and a modest facelift. The issues and store pages have both come out of the dark ages to oh, at least bronze age levels now! Still have to go and update the copyright dates ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE though. *sigh* 

I think that my new year's resolution, at least as far as TOS goes, is to get more of the back issues ready as Deluxe editions. What do y'all say? If there was an inked & colored version of "Coffee, Tea, or Me", would you folks be interested? Lemme know in the comments!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jiggle Belles - Fukumi's Setsubun Suprise! + Fan Art

That last story is going to be a very hard act to follow... but I think you folks are going to enjoy this new dish. Behold, part one of the last of our holiday shorts!

Geeee, It's been too long since we had (1) some hot monster action, and (2) Fukumi getting ANY action... and really, doesn't it seem like the only time the poor girl gets on base is when some otherworldly entity invades her apartment?
But yeah, the snake girl is one I've wanted to introduce for a while. All of our other lusty demons have been extraordinarily male. We pride ourselves on fairness, here at the Radish Room! And lady-demons need loving too!
Don't worry too much about Fukumi ending up on the dining plate... I think this little snake is getting distracted by this alien physiology.

Also, fan art! :D

The first was done for an artist I've admired for a long time now - PabloTovarJr. (check his amazing work out over at Lush Artists!) He very nicely agreed to doing an exchange of art, and so I whipped up this little slice of cheesecake. That's Angelica, Pablo's OC. Ain't she sweet? I usually do much more bawdy sexuality, so it was a lot of fun to draw a girl who's both extremely sensual, but very sweet and innocent.
Conversely, the second was for an artist I JUST discovered. Ben Bourbon writes an extremely fun and smexy webcomic called Devilbear. Check it out - it's like if Coop drew a webcomic written by Elvira, mistress of the dark!

Stay tuned for next time, when we conclude our current issue (!!!). I'll be working on some changes to the website as well, so stay tuned for any updates on how that's going.

Till next time, have a porny day~