Monday, December 12, 2011

Jiggle Belles - pages 4-6! Big Booty Babe takes her Boytoy on the Kitchen Table

...and on the floor, and just about EVERYWHERE... if you get my drift. ;)

So here it is, the conclusion to our first little tale of holiday cheer!

Oh, this was SWEET to make, believe me. And I think that 1st page there is one of my personal faves of all time, if an artist can pic faves among his children.

So next time, we should be starting on chapter two of our year's end anthology: Fukumi's freaky encounter with a sensual spirit... I've got two clues for you: it goes 'hisss', and HUNGRY (Or at least has certain appetites)!

Poor girl, she only gets action when demons and monsters start invading. Oh well, action is action!

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