Monday, November 14, 2011

More Double D + Two New Pieces!

Variety hour today! First up, we've got page 12 of "Diabolical Double D":

I've got to say thanks to darrelsan for pointing out to me my little comic had a brief mention on Drunk Duck's podcast on adult comics. Good lord, someone noticed! I swear, I'm getting all verklempt~

The nuttiness of the last couple months has made my progress slightly glacial, but we're finally at the two thirds mark of the issue. There's one more issue to the core of this storyline (though I don't plan on closing the door on Queen B anytime soon, thanks very much). I'm still deliberating whether to barrel on into it after this ish, or switch out with another story. Y'all can voice y'selves in that new poll to the right, of course!

Anyway, I'm pleased with how that tumble turned out in the last panel. Speaking of being pleased with myself, I've got a two more for y'all! :o

First up is a (loooooong overdue) profile pic for Bodacia. I've also written up her bio and posted it up on the cast page. Supa supa pleased with how her pic came out. I really do think its one of the best I've done to date. And I gotta give a shout out to Better Half- she really pushed me on the importance of the pattern to her dress. And I've gotta say, though it was a bear to do, I love the effect.

It was also fun to work with a little bit of a different pallette. Bodacia's capaple of pulling off the oranges and yellows... and don't she look fabulous

Speaking of warmer pallettes, here's our final piece - my requisite submission for the 'autumn' theme over at Chubby Parade. Pretty pleased with this one as well... Still not sure about the color of the grass, but *meh*. The lighting effect that I was going for was another big technical challenge for me, but I feel it came across in the final product.

In other news, continuing to tweak the main site. The gallery just got a massive face lift, and I fixed all the dead thumbnails (for shame, imagefap!). As mentioned the bio page also got updated, so check that out if you haven't been in a bit.

Finally, new poll is up! As always, I love to hear from y'all about what you want. I've listed the four kinda top stories I'm itching to tackle, and while I can't guarentee that the top voted one will be next up... well, y'all might be a tiebreaker if it comes to that.

Till next time, hope your November is warm!

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