Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let Manoa Fulfill Your Fantasy - Vote!!!

Hope everyone (in the states here, at least) had a good Turkey Day! And for those of y'all unfortunate enough to be stuck in the retail world, I hope you survived the endless onslaught of black Friday shoppers. Yucktch.
I Spent the morning watching Dawn of the Dead.... zombies trying to invade a shopping mall? Best black Friday Movie ever!!

Anyway, now that things have settled, it occurs to me that we need a little celebration round here. 300 pages deserves a little hullaballo!
Thanks to everyone who voted in the last poll- It's good to see we have interest in all the proposed storylines. We're going to wrap up the "Queen B" storyline pretty soon, and we'll be doing another tentacle monster one after that. But first and foremost, I see we have overwhelming demand for more Manoa and "Coffee, Tea, or Me!". So, as thanks for everyone's support, we have a little poll going this week. Vote and help us decide Manoa's outfit for the next issue!

The next ish will be an anthology issue again... I'm feeling like a little quick & dirty variety before we pick up the long story again. But the first segment will be starring everyone's favorite curvy barista, and we need YOU to tell us which fantasy you'd like to see her fulfill! This is pure, 100% democracy in action, folks!

That's about all for now... till next time, please vote- hearing back from y'all makes my day!


  1. I just discovered your Tales of the Schlong series and am loving it. Great drawings, sexy stories. Thanks so much!

  2. I think Manoa is my fantasy but, if I had to do anything to make her better, I'd probably put her in space.

  3. lol...Tales of Schlong...:)
    Anyway, I voted Love Slave.