Tuesday, November 22, 2011

300 Frickin' Pages!!! Conclusion to "Diabolical Double D"

Holy mother mcgee. 300 pages.
Three HUNDRED pages.

While I sit here in befuddled shock, enjoy the conclusion to this installment of bouncy booby booty super wriggle-tude!

What a twist! Betchyall didn't see that one coming, eh? Needless to say, the book is not yet closed on this little saga. ^_^

Of course, I still need to settle on exactly which story to pick up for next ish. Thanks to everyone who's voted! I see we have a LOT of love for Manoa and the "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" storyline. Look forward to more of that REAL soon. Glad to see everyone enjoys big, curvy, sticky stories as much as the author here!

Speakig of sticky, I'm def'ly planning on doing a sequel to "Web of the Incubus" for my next long storyarc. It's a little more out there, but by god! I've been dying to do this one since the very beginning.

Of course, we'll have to tie this story arc up as well, and I'm beginning to think of doing another anthology ish. too, to keep everyone sated.

In personal news, I'm actually starting on a new job out in the real world next week. A real grown-uppy job, too! That's right, your own modest author HAS FINALLY GRADUATED FROM RETAIL HELL! I am so fucking primed right now, I can't even adequately articulate it. Suffice to say, life is good.

There may be a period of adjustment though, as I settle into a new routine. But don't worry, day job or no, "Tales of Schlock" will continue to be my guilty pleasure. And y'alls too, I hope. ^_^

Till next time, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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