Monday, October 17, 2011

Model Mondays - Ashley Graham

May I introduce you to the absolutely gorgeous Ashley Graham?

Okay, story time.

So... Being a sensitive male of the 21st century, I often find myself roped into going shopping with Better Half when her girlfriends are otherwise occupied. I don't have much to contribute to the 'what not to wear' conversation, but I try to nod and smile in the right places.


So, while Better Half goes on an extended tour of narnia in the dressing room, I have looooooots of free time to stare at the walls outside... Now, over the months, I couldn't help but start to recognize one of the models in the posters on the walls. It was bizarre- whatever department store we went to, she would pop up somewhere. (Yes, I had a LOT of time to ponder this...)

...Some clever google work later, I've identified this mystery women as plus-size model Ashley Graham: our featured model this week!

Ain't she cute? :D While she's not an adult model, she has been known to show some skin!

Oh, and speaking of showing too much, it seems that Ashley starred in a fairly controversial lingerie ad. For a wile, this Lane Bryant ad was banned from TV. Basically, because she was showing too much cleavage.

Not really much worse than most ads, right? Let's recap. She was showing too much cleavage. Because her boobs are bigger. Because she's... y'know, a size 16.


Oh god! A real woman! A bigger girl with curves! ON TELEVISION! HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?!? Apparently she thought the whole thing was hilarious, but a lot of guys & dolls wrote her to show their support. That makes me happy, y'know?

Oh heck, one more vid and then we out.

And for more of this classy lady in her own words, you can follow her twitter.

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  1. These women are truly beautiful ! I love their shapes