Friday, October 7, 2011

Fanboy Fridays - Paolo Serpieri's Druuna

Introducing a new feature here at the Radish Room: we've been known to give homage to our favorite inspirational beauties, but now its time for a shout out to those in the artsy biz- those artist who have been a torch for the the author. And this week, to inaugurate things, we go to the OG hisself... Paolo Serpieri, the author of the a-freaking-mazing Druuna series!

Who is Druuna? Well...

Serpieri is a master of the art. I love the amazing detail he manages to cram into every square inch of his work... which is maybe why he only publishes like, once a decade. -_-*
But Druuna was my original sexy comic heroine love. It's incredibly sexual, with men, women, monsters, mutants, robots, anything that moves (or not!). I can not express enough just how good & titilating the series is...check it out, yo!

For lots more pix, click here!

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