Friday, September 30, 2011

Thick Latina Gives Her Boytoy a Little Lunchtime Funtime

Deedo's day is going to suck... in more ways than one!

Hee hee, plenty of 'action' coming up, but nothing wrong with a little fun first, eh? I think most of us have been in Deedo's shoes before (or Manoa's... for the ladies in the house). But if you have the courage to stick through the rollar-coaster, there's always the gift shop at the end.

Wow, I think I hurt myself with that metaphor. Ow!

In other news, we just closed voting on our poll, and I was fairly surprised by the results. I wanted to see what y'all liked the most in a nice dirty comic - cheesecake, explicit sex, and (oh saints preserve us) story. The sexy girls came out in the head by a narrow margin, but all three categories were very close. I try to strike a nice balance, and apparently that's what y'all are looking for too!

Fairly soon we'll be all done with this issue, which was itself a little experiment. I liked the fast pace and variety of an anthology issue, but our next outing will prolly be another full story issue. I'm thinking maybe... a new chapter in Queen B? What do y'all think?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Site Maintenence...

Hey all, just wanted to say please bear with us: we're switching web hosts so things may look a little wonky on the main site for a couple days. Ah yes, again, this is why I became a pornographic cartoonist.... I LOVE coding! :D [/sarcasm]

Saturday, September 24, 2011

...And for Dessert? Yum!

Not feeling the mental fortitude to chat too much, so I'll just let the pages speak for themselves.

Ah, nothing like family meal time, eh?

Stay tuned next time for a visit from Manoa and Deedo in our final short story!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Sucks - Thick milf serves up ass for dinner!

It's time to get started on our second course, don't y'all think?

Deliiiiicious. ^_^ Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this one, and these two are definitely overdue for some screen time.

The second half coming up... hmmm, soonish. I'm actually working double time behind the scenes to finish up the Silver & Gold editions of "Doctor Patient Confidentiality"#4. Sooooo much editing to do, but its looking supa' sweet! Why, maybe I'll just let the pages speak for themselves!

Ah, good times. It'll be strange to finally put this one to bed, as it were. If I can get this original storyline done, I believe it may be possible to get all the old issues revamped. And you guys would like that, wouldn't you?

Well, till next time, stay warm out there!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexy Librarian Pinup!

Just a little something to make back-to-school season easier to swallow. ^_^

Supa' pleased with how this one came out. Anybody got some love for the big girls in glasses? You better believe we do! So hawt... (and with tha' brains, too!)

Got some more pages of "Summer Sucks" coming up soon, will paste those when I get the chance. Spent most of today working on the main site, the issues page and store especially. Exhausting and tedious, but its looking significantly less "angelfire '95" now, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and one more thing for now: I'm in the process of upping issues of "Tales of Schlock" to Literotica, so if any of y'all are active over there, check it out!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Sucks - Pages 04-06!

Well, how about we wrap up this first little bite size story, eh?

Not going to bend y'alls collective ears, but just going to say I hope you enjoy. Look forward to the next short story, starring that wonderful family unit of Jezebel and Salome!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Sucks - 1st Three Pages!

Now that the plague is finally in recession, I'm happy to present an actual honest-to-goodness UPDATE! Here's the 1st half of our first short story, starring those lovable roomies Fukumi & Roux! I love these two. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to write for Fukumi. ^_^ More goodness soon!