Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Coffee, Tea, or Me?"#03 - Black & White Milkshake!

Did y'all think I was dead? I was kinda starting to suspect the same, but it's not so! I've been super, super busy at work getting back issues of TOS polished, a process that seems to always take about 4x longer than I feel it SHOULD, but hey, that's the cost of wanting to do good work I guess.

But First and foremost, I want y'all to know that you're opinions matter to me. Big thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, and everyone who leaves comments. You've made it crystal clear what our next issue should be!

I've been looking forward to this issue for a while. We'll be introducing a new character into the mix: Bodacia, Manoa's old high school BFF! And for those who wanted more sex (ha! Doesn't everyone?) I promise there's going to be lotsa action in this ish.

Our close second, the Queen B storyline, will be returning in a couple issues. There's a special summer issue I want to do first, but I promise there's going to be plenty of Queen B and Double D in a bit. :D

Stay frosty!

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