Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Author's back!

Didja miss me? Huh huh? :D

First off, sorry for the long dry spell there - besides the general madness that is putting one's entire life into boxes, and taking it out again, it took a couple weeks to get internet up at the new place (which is soooo much bigger & better than the old one... at least now that it's just me and my gal and not sumpty-million room mates as well.) But there's been a lot of productive stuff happening in the shadows, lemme tell ya! First off, I finished inking "Doctor Patient Confidentiality"#2, and started on #3. I should have that entire storyline ready for the launch of the store by about the end of the month. Hurrah!
Also, I got a new scanner/printersince my old one snuffed it. Not too sorry to see it go either, especially when the new one is much, much, MUCH more butch. I think it prints off of pure testosterone. It prints photos too, which my fiance is excited for (strong enough for a man, but the ladies love it too!)

Getting some new stuff together as well, and I'll leave off with the first of the inked versions of the fan art I posted last time. The other two are to follow, prolly by my next post.

Love how this one turned out. Oh, and my gal did the color for this one. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with her, and truth be told I think she's better at it than me. ;)

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