Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Queen B" Pages 9-11, sketches, and more!

BUNCH of updates for y'all, let's get cracking!

First off, I completely redid the 'Issues' page! Now you'll have easy access to the online galleries, downloadable CBZ files, and preview pages for the upcoming gold editions! More on that in a moment...

Queen B? Here we go!

A sneak peak at the redux of "Doctor Patient Confidentiality"#02? Bam!

And how about just a little more of Manoa? Course, we all know even a little Manoa is a whole lotta woman. ;D Here she is, bouncing on the dance floor and into the sack!

SUPER pleased with how the dancing one came out. I'm trying to get better at drawing fabric and clothes. My fiance actually helped me out with the shoes right. God, I love my woman.

Anyway, that ought to hold y'all for the time being. More next time!

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