Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coop, Druuna, Booty Babe Art Fan pieces!

Fist off, thanks everyone who's voting in the poll! Your input helps me get y'all what you want!:D

So now that I'm between issues (and neck deep in half packed boxes. Ah, moving, you are making me go through my aspirin at an alarming rate) I thought I'd take the chance to catch up on some drawing projects I'd long neglected, and that includes paying homage to some of my greatest inspirations! These are the rough 1st drafts, but colored ones will emerge eventually (Did I mention real-life is especially interfere-y right now?) Anyway, in order, we have

1. Devil Girl(inspired by coop)
2. Druuna (inspired by Serpieri)
3. Double D Kokeshi (inspired by Spencer Davis)

What can I say about these artists? They have been such an inspiration to me. I love their work, and can't recommend them enough. Soon, I hope to have finished versions of these pieces done, and then I'll offer my humble homages up to the masters. Till then though, I need to put my life into some boxes. Ciao~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Queen B - Introducing our Big Booty Superheroine!

Sorry I hadn't been around for a couple days, but as you'll see, I have been far from idle. Ladies & jellyspoons, I give you the final pages to "Queen B"!

How about that, eh? A little action, PLENTY of cheesecake, oh, and a little twist at the end too! Oh, and I updated the issues page, so the CBZ for this story is now available for download.

This issue was, as I've said previously, a little bit of a departure for me. I mean, there's no supa' explicit sexy times like in the rest of the issues, but it was fun to branch out and do something different, and reach out to a slightly wider audience (gadzooks! I could actually upload this issue on Deviantart!). Not to worry though, there will be more of sexy times in the next issue... uh, as soon as I get to it.
There is going to be a lull here for a bit. I need to catch my breath before starting a new issue, and I want to focus more on preparing gold/silver editions of earlier issues for a bit. Don't worry though, I'd never leave you folks high and dry- new stuff, as always, will be coming. I don't think I could turn off drawing if I wanted to... ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Queen B#01 - Pages 12 & 13

Ooog... sorry there's not much more to post today, I got knocked on my ass by some kinda flu or something... but I managed to bang together the last couple pages into an internet ready form, so enjoy!

I also have to give a shout out to an awesome webcomic I came across during my bedrest- the extremely enjoyable Menage a 3. It has the wonderful combination of being well-drawn, well-written, populated by a diverse but balanced cast, full of sexy-fun times, and it's even funny (gasp)!

All for now, back when the I stop hallucinating from the fever hey look a purple elephant in a tutu~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Queen B" Pages 9-11, sketches, and more!

BUNCH of updates for y'all, let's get cracking!

First off, I completely redid the 'Issues' page! Now you'll have easy access to the online galleries, downloadable CBZ files, and preview pages for the upcoming gold editions! More on that in a moment...

Queen B? Here we go!

A sneak peak at the redux of "Doctor Patient Confidentiality"#02? Bam!

And how about just a little more of Manoa? Course, we all know even a little Manoa is a whole lotta woman. ;D Here she is, bouncing on the dance floor and into the sack!

SUPER pleased with how the dancing one came out. I'm trying to get better at drawing fabric and clothes. My fiance actually helped me out with the shoes right. God, I love my woman.

Anyway, that ought to hold y'all for the time being. More next time!