Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More "Queen B", and Bouncy Booties Besides!

Just another quickie post- got some more QB for y'all!

And to sweeten the deal, we got both some butt expansion action AND a little sisterly love with Manoa!

The other girl with Manoa there is her sister, Moana. On a whim, I thought I might try drawing what Manoa would look like if she weren't a Big Beautiful Woman - not to give up all those curves, but maybe just what she looked like before she became a voluptuous mommy, say! I liked the final enough that I'm thinking of turning her into a proper character - Manoa's even bitchier sister. What do y'all think?

Behind the scenes, I'm getting the CBZs of all the rough issues ready and planning how to put them up on the site. Sigh- I just want to draw curvy girls and sclocky sistuations. Since when did I have to be a webdesigner, too?

Also, god help me, I just barely began on doing a revised Issue #02. The store will be up eventually, but there's a few real life things that I'm waiting on before we can get that rolling.

Till next time, stay frosty~!

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