Saturday, April 9, 2011

100th post with a bang - "Tender Lusting Care" is DONE!

Oh good lord, that took way, way, WAAAAAY longer than I thought it would. I couldn't help it though, I love to tweak and do little details, until I finally looked up and realize that Issue#01 of "Tales of Schlock" is finally done. *phew*

So what does this mean for y'all? Well, I'm just now starting to get my shop up, which is going to take a few days more sadly. But in the meantime, I will have somewhat more time available for updates and NEW art (gasp!) since I won't be pouring my heart into secret behind the curtain revisions. I'm prolly gonna take a little break before I start revising another issue, this last one took it out of me. I've come so far since issue#1... it was fun revisiting it, and I'm really, really proud of how it turned out. You're gonna like it, trust me. :)

The store is no longer utterly empty, however! I've gotten a couple prints available through DeviantArt now available, with more to come! Check it out, why doncha~

So I never like to post without SOMETHING to show for it, especially since this is the 100th POST (!!!). So, here's the 1st 4 pages of "Queen B". I might actually have time to put into that now, wouldn't that be a hoot?

Till next time!

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