Friday, March 4, 2011

"Who is Queen B?" Cover art! Anyone fancy a bootylicious superheroine?

Yeah you do. Feast your eyes on this!

I'd mentioned in the last post I'm gonna take a wee break, but I just couldn't resist. Gotta give you guys something to look forward to, eh? I'd done the rough of this one a while back for chubby parade, so I just had to get it inked and all pretty-like.

I know its horribly cliche, but I have always wanted to do a superheroine storyline. I've had this character in mind all the way back from my photoshop phase, back in the day. Check out this old photomorph I did. BTW, can you tell Roux is perhaps just a bit inspired by the amazing big booty queen Scarlett? Don't tell anyone, its a secret. ;)

This issue will be a bit of a departure for me, being a little more fluffy then I've generally been doing. More ecchi than hentai if you see what I mean. Don't worry though, I think everyone will have more than enough to feast their eyes on. :D

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