Friday, March 11, 2011

What's the author up to? SSBBWs, naughty nurses and more, to start!

So, I've been busy behind the scenes. It astounds me to consider it, but we're coming up on some big banner events here: First, my 100th post is just around the corner. Better make it good! Seeing as it's nearly a year to the day I unleashed "Tales of Schlock"#1 upon the internet, it seems fitting to mark the day with the loooooong delayed remastered edition! Here's a quick preview I threw together...

This bad boy is a product of LOVE and you better believe it. It will also more than likely be the first thing available in the as yet unoccupied store, so look out- I'm thinking I'll have a couple versions available, a B&W one for about 1.99, and a color one for 2.99. That's comparable to what you'd see on the rack, so not a bad deal, eh? Also, once I have remastered versions of all issues in a given storyline complete, I'll prolly release a special bundle version too, so watch out for that!

But besides shilling for myself, I do have some good stuff for y'all today. I made a couple sketches of another new character I'll be introducing in a couple issues. e love curves here, right? Well say hello to Bodacia!

I mean, come on. How can I write a booty-focused comic and NOT have a sista' to represent? I'm just embarrassed it took this long...

Oh, and one more- I've been kicking around some super-mini ideas for a bit, nothing big enough for a full issue, but I decided to try something a little different. So let's get our sunday funnies on, because here is the very first strip of "Schlong's Shots", being the adventures of the cast between longer adventures.

Well, if you like anything in today's post, please drop a comment. You guys know I love hearing from y'all, right? Okay, so until the next time, I've got work to do.

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