Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stupid Cold

*Hack cough* yeah, I got hit by a bug pretty bad this last week, so not much new I'm afraid. *sniffle* But I did manage to squeeze a couple things out between feverish comas and manifesting new symptoms approximately every 10 minutes...

Firstly, A new page of "The Wicked Step Milf"!

But of course, I wouldn't waste your time with an update of just one pic. We've got a couple more, featuring everyone's favorite BBW, Manoa!

I'm going to be creating new art for all the characters on the profile page, and Manoa is the first up! Ain't she cute there? :D

The final piece is something I'd like to develop into a full issue at some point. Manoa is one big booty babe, but when she's accused of wrongdoing, well!

That's all for now. Gonna take nyquil and coma now. Ciao~

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