Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catfighting Milfs, Lesbians from Lesbos, & Exhibitionist BBWS, oh my!

Exactly what it says folks. EXACTLY what it says. ;)

Looks like Jezebel's about to learn a long hard lesson. And I'm sure she won't enjoy it, not even a little bit, nope nope. Her stepmom certainly isn't! *cough cough* ;)
Been a while since we had a good ol' bit of struggling, spanking and submission. Too long, in fact! I'm excited, the rest of this issue from here on out is just so juicy and delish... which puts me in mind of our next piece!

Another theme pic for the artist group over at Chubby Parade, where we're doing history this month. So here's a little something I whipped up, starring Fukumi and Manoa in what I'm sure Fukumi dreams about at night- lazy, sapphic days on the isle of Lesbos (from which we get the word Lesbian... but of course, y'all knew that).
Not to be horrifically vain, but I really, really like how this one turned out. :D

And speaking of the ol' CP, we got one more! Chanel L'amour, an SSBBW who posts over there, requested a portrait a while back. Took a bit to find the time sadly, but its done now and here it is!

That's all for today folks, I gotta go to the daily grind, as appealing as that sounds. Oh well, gotta earn money for pencils I suppose. Till next time!

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  1. You know I love this!!! I added your link on my modeling blog as a way of saying "thanks"!! :)You are a doll!!