Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Cherry Latte - Pages 14-18!

Wow. I was not expecting to blitz through these like I did, but... wow. It's sort of like when you're reading a book, and you really want to see it through to the end? At least for me, writing is like that too.
Ah, yes, pages, right. Here we go!

And so we close the book for now on Manoa and Deedo. Don't worry, we'll be seeing them again, I promise. However, I suppose I should touch on what's coming up next for this humble strip. The next issue is going to introduce a couple new characters that I've been wanting to bring in for a while (they were featured in my Dec. holiday art. Can you guess which two? The answer might surprise you~). The issue after that is going to feature Roux & Fukumi in a... *drumroll* -superheroine storyline!!! Yes, you knew it was coming. And trust me, you guys are going to like it.

Till next time, peace~

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