Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Changes Coming!

Please bear with the mess, I'm currently redesigning the site to be a little more slick and user friendly- and in the meantime, it looks neither. *grumble*
Oh well, to appease everyone, I've got some cool stuff: art, and the first bit of our new issue!

Oh yeah, y'know this is gonna be a good one. The cover image is actually from a fairly old sketch of mine. It's also my first inked image to share here- I hope y'all like it!
So yeah, introducing new characters, too! Salome & Jezebel are the newest cast members. I'm throwing a bone to those who like more slender girls, but we all know its the thunder thighs running this show! :D

Also on board, a couple new sketches. We're doing fan profile art for members over at Chubby Parade, and I got a couple up of two of my favorite ladies. Y'all remember Emma Bailey & Sofia Rose, don't you?

There we go! More soon, but firstly, I gotta break out the duct tape and try and get this site running right...


  1. I love these...are you still drawing models from Chubby Parade?? Because I am one and would gladly apply!! :) Great job!