Friday, November 12, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - Pages 3-6

Howdy hey, ev'y budday! :D
So I marathoned it a little bit on my day off, and now you cool cats get some new pages! Here it is- the diabolical birth scene from "The Web of the Incubus"! Muwahaha~

I've got to be perfectly honest with ya, this scene is pushing my own personal envelope, in a couple ways. It's one of the most demanding art-wise... but that's always the case as I push myself more and more. No, frankly, I just want to reassure some folks (and disappoint others, I'm sure) but in my own estimation, this is about as 'out there' as I'm looking to take this series. I'm satisfied, and I hope you are too. (Have an opinion? Post it in the comments!)
Anywho, I've decided finally that the next issue is going to be a sequel to "Coffee, Tea, or Me?". Manoa's due for a turn, and that series is going to be a bit lighter in tone after the current darker one. And no, that's not a fat joke. ;)
Till next time!


  1. Ya know.. if your having trouble posting to Imagecrap. Why not try something like Ehentai? might work

  2. Sup man,
    I find the image-fap thing mighty annoying-to the point that I rather just wait for the latest page to show up at drunk duck. But each page looks better than the last, each story is better than the last. Great work!