Monday, November 29, 2010

Model Mondays - Big Booty Crystal Clear, Voluptuous London Andrews (and new art to boot!)

Here we go folks, this is a BIG update full of some BIG beauty, BIG booty, and BIG boobies... are you ready? Good, I thought so. Deep breath now, cuz' here we go!

First up is one of the big names of BBW adult entertainment, Crystal Clear! Crystal has had some amazing longevity in an industry where names come and go as often offscreen as on... as it were... anyway, good news for her fans since this means there's lots of her stuff available out there! Now, how about some pics, eh?

(Full gallery here)

Next up, a reletive newcomer- at least to me. London Andrews has a very classy, pinup vibe going for her. She's a lady with curves, and a smile to die for. Reminds me in a lot of ways of a slightly thicker Aria Giovanni. Don't take my word for it- a picture's worth a thousand words, eh?

(Full gallery here)
(Oh, and you can also find her blog right here on blogspot)

Well, if you got past these two smexy ladies, maybe you'd be interested in some of my humble ol' work? For starts, I give you the cover to our next issue- "Coffee Tea or Me?"#2!

Yes, Manoa is BACK! And just as thick and luscious as ever- Deedo doesn't stand a chance, I'd wager. I'm sure he doesn't mind, though. :D

Okay, and just because I love you kids, one more, something a little different- I present the first in what I hope will be many to come of the TOS Quickies!

This little one-off was drawn for the BBW artist group over at Chubby Parade- a good group of folks, lemme tell ya. Anywho, Let it be one more taste of Roux for a couple issues. Don't worry, she'll be back. As will I, in our next update.



  1. Hmm, now there's a great view of a full moon tonight! :D And thanks for the London Andrews tip; if anything, her body's gotten even more ridiculously Frazetta-exaggerated since the last time I saw her.

    (BTW, added your blog to the new rolling-update doodad on my site. Not sure why it's not thumbnailing your graphics, though...)

  2. Hey man I found your comics the other day and have been reading them like they're crack lol I love your stuff so keep drawing especially Manoa and the girl that got fucked by the mummy