Friday, October 29, 2010

Web of the Incubus#2 - Conclusion!

Good lord almighty, I'm embarrassed to have not done a proper update in a while.
You folks been checking the gallery link, right? I keep that up to date, even when I don't post an entry y'know. Okay? Okay. Art!

So! "Web of the Incubus"#2 is fait complis! Dat means itza wrap, yo. What'd everyone think? I'm enjoying writing a straightup fantasy. It gives me a creative liscense to get a little weird, which is where it gets interesting, don't you think? :) I'll be starting on "Web of the Incubus"#3 soon enough, and that will be the conclusion to this story arc. Still kinda deliberating what's next after that... There's a superheroine issue I'm dieing to do, but since it stars Roux and Fukumi again, I want to do an issue focusing on different characters first. It'll either be another "Coffee, Tea or Me?" issue (starring Manoa!), or one of a new series introducing a couple of new characters. Hmmm, decisions, decisions... given that it'll be December before I'm done this story arc, no need to decide yet I suppose...

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