Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strike 2. Imagefap really, really sucks.

Okay. What gives? Imagefap managed to lose "Web of the Incubus"#1... AGAIN.
Did I not label it correctly? No, I tagged my uploads. They have no possible reason to yoink it... AGAIN.
Sorry folks. I reupped it one more, will fix the gallery links soon, I promise.
In the meantime, may I recommend viewing them through a RELIABLE site like Drunk Duck, or Hentai Foundry?
Back to cutting and pasting, I suppose...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Web of the Incubus - Page 11!

Okay, just a dinky update tonight. One more page, fresh off the presses!

I should be getting a few more made up later this week. I kinda hope to get the entire trilogy of issues done by the end of October - a spooky storyline, climaxing (ahh~) at Halloween, eh? Of course, we'll see just how realistic that is, but it's a plan at least.

Oh, and also fixed the links for "Web of the Incubus"#1 on the galleries page (stupid imagefap. Anyone out there know a better option for image hosting?).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Imagefap sucks.

So, yeah, I woke up this morning and discovered that imagefap had deleted my "Web of the Incubus" album.
I don't know. Imagefap officially sucks.
I reupped everything, but I still need to fix the links- will do so soon, promise.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Web of the Incubus#1 - Pages 7-10!

Without further ado:

The evil menace has finally manifested, and you just know Fukumi is going to be the first one to go down... er, as it were.
Prolly not a lot of updates the next couple days, got family in town and got to be a good host. Hopefully the rapid fire updates the last couple days will keep you guys sated for the time being.
Till next time, ciao~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Web of the Incubus#1 - Pages 4, 5, & 6!

Miss me? I've got some more stuff for y'all!

Mostly done with the exposition part of this issue - the real good stuff is all set to roll in now!
Gotta go to work. No rambling today. Stay frosty, folks!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Web of the Incubus#1!

Howdy again everyone! Not a lot of time before I got to get out the door to my day job as my alter ego, so let's get right to it! The next issue of "Tales of Schlock" has begun!

Yes, Fukumi is back- good news to everyone who voted for big boobies last month! Don't worry, Roux is here too,what would this comic be without big bootys, eh?
This is the start of a three-issue story arc, so look forward to lots of good stuff! I don't want to give it away, but be expecting lecherous monsters, bondage, lesbians, and more- all that stuff you kids love. ^_^
More to come! Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still kickin'! And updates, too!

Hello again internet denizens! Made it back safe and sound from the wedding, which ended up being a lot more fun than I would've ever guessed! (And the car full of drunken girls? Yeah. Live the dream. There's pros to being the DD.)
Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes, lately! Hentaifoundry readers? I've started upping a few of the revised pages over there - just page one of DPC#1 for now, but its a start.
Second, I finally got my act together and put up a proper gallery! Now, faithful readers, you can read the whole back issues of "Tales of Schlock" right here on the blog - look to the right side bar, ain't that shiny?
Also working on the next issue of "Tales of Schlock". Look for that up soon, prolly later this week.
What. You want art NOW?
Fine. It just so happens, I've got one new piece... HERE!

RickyDaniels over at Chubbyforum suggested superheroines for our art theme this month. I've been planning on doing a superheroine storyarc a few issues down the line here, so decided to kill two birds with one stone - this will become the cover art for ish 11, when the time comes. Yes, that's Roux. You know it' gonna be good. :)

See y'all soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee, Tea, or Me?#1 - Final update!

I had to work like my back end was on fire, but I managed to finish up CTM#1 yesterday! So for your enjoyment, I present the final pages of this story of lascivious latinas and bootylicious workplace benefits.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied. I'd like to go back and redo (that is, do in the first place) some backgrounds for the last few pages, and there's a couple of places that could use touching up, but I'm happy to have finally gotten this thing down on paper.
I'm very excited for whats coming up- now that we've had a light & fluffy piece, I'm going to start on a slightly darker and heavier long storyline. Three issues of fantasy/horror, with heavy, heavy doses of T&A. Look forward to Fukumi and Roux in all kinds of peril, oh yes. (Don't worry, I'm sure everything will turn out fine ^_^ )

I really had to scramble to get this issue done, because I'm on the road this weekend, updating from a my hotel room (thank you, free wifi). My fiancee is bridesmate in a friend's wedding, so here we are. It's kind of a mixed bag, because the girl in question is a sweet girl. We all like her- the groom is kind of a douche. Oh well, people will make their own decisions. May I just pop up on my soapbox and say that I certainly hope that GENTS: you treat your ladies like they are royalty. Understand? And LADIES: Don't put up with any shit, you do deserve better. Okay, all done. Now then- on to free cake and booze!
Oh, and tonight's the bachelorette party. I may be asked to DD a car full of drunken bridesmates. Don't worry, my girl will be there to keep an eye on me. Heh heh. ^_^

Monday, September 6, 2010

Model Mondays DOUBLE DIPPED - Devyn Devine & Emma Bailey!

Say hello to another week with a big, beautiful update! First off, I've been kinduv lax with some of our other recurring features here at the ol' Radish Room, so let me make amends with a double dose of Model Monday. Yes, that's right, we got two very, very cute, curvy girls to introduce to you.
First up is the gloriously busty Devyn Devine!

So... when are we gonna 3d glasses for the internet?

The other lady is very new on the scene. Presenting the luscious, curvacious and oh so sweet to look at Emma Bailey!

And you thought that was all? Didn't I promise that next time I'd have some hot new pages drawn up for "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"

Ah, and that ought to do it for today. Hopefully everyone's week is off to a good start now. :)

~Till next time, stay frosty!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coffee, Tea, or Me?#1 - Pages 7-10

More BBW seductive goodness for y'alls! Read on!

And this concludes the build up. The action commences next! I'm excited, aren't you?

So, lately I've been training up on backgrounds with the last few pages. I have mixed feelings, but I think they're recognizable, right? It's been so hectic to get even these last few pages together, I'm talking just a few lines a day while on break at work. Drawing relaxes me sooooo much when I can just throw myself into it- except when my lead keeps breaking. Then the murderous rampages commence. Note to all you aspiring artists out there: Buy GOOD pencils- not dollar store crap. You WILL notice a difference, at least as far as your pencil not crumbling while you work.