Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Super-post Spectacular!!!

Hello again, internet citizens!

It's been a little while, for which I apologize. But I've not been idle in that time, no siree.
To start off with, I present cleaned-up, colored deluxe editions of the cover art for the 1st five issues of "Tales of Schlock"!

*Phew* These took a while. I'm still getting the hang of coloring and post-production. The second draft is still taking at least as much time as the first (if not more). Still, I'm very confident the final product will meet with your approval.

Also, I'm very, VERY proud to announce that with these 5 DX pages, "Tales of Schlock" has officially reached the big 3 digits: Happy 100 pages everyone! To celebrate, here's Manoa, Fukumi & Roux to say thanks-

Thanks to Ricky Daniels for the idea (& check his page out, good stuff). I am super pleased with this picture. So much, I decided the banner was due for an update. What does everyone think?

What? Still not enough? Okay, fine. I've got one more for y'all... how about the cover to our next issue? Yeah, I thought so.

You may all return from the edge of your seats now. This issue is the first in a series, though I plan on switching it out with others rather than plowing through like with "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" (or the next string, which will come after this issue).

Thanks again everyone, your feedback is what keeps me coming back with more. Till next time, stay frosty.

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