Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bride of the Mummy - Final 4!

I am soooooo tired right now. But I'm going to stumble through the fog and mist to present all y'alls with the concl. to our latest ish!

It's finally done. I'm always somewhat amazed to see one of these suckers finished. I always look back on it and second guess, criticize it internally, but at the end of the day, I'm proud. And all that criticism gets filed away for my own personal revisions - something I really am planning on doing someday.
Well, at any rate, so ends Roux's tale this month. She'll be back again, but we've got something a little different coming up. See, pretty soon we'll have hit 100 pages (!) of Tales of Schlock, so I want the next update to be something a little special. Stay tuned!
After that? Well, I've taken the votes from our poll into consideration, and I've got the lineup for the next few issues set. We'll be seeing from Manoa again next issue in a little more fluffy tale than last time. After that, Oh boy. I've got another multi-issue storyline queued up that I've been itching to do. It's actually one of the big one's that got me started on Tales of Schlock originally. You folk's enjoy it, I guarentee. ;) It's all coming soon, right here!

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