Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CTM#1 - Pages 5&6!

Oh good lord. Took a while, but we are officially at the 1/3rd mark for this issue. Took a while, dinnit? But I hope you've all been enjoying it- I know I have. Here's they are!

I think page 5 came along fantastically- look forward to a color job of it sooner or later. I really think the larger drawing pads pay off when I do larger scale art like this.

More as soon as I can. Ciao!

Monday, August 23, 2010

CTM#1 - 2nd two pages!

And here come another couple for youse guys. A little levity, a lot of butt. Just the way we like it. ^_^

And I hope you all appreciated the Fukumi cameo there. ;)
I'm annoyed I couldn't find a more elegant way to include the dialogue on page 3. It just screams 'verbal diarrhea'. I always do the art before I worry about where the dialogue is going, but sometimes it feels awfully forced to shoe-horn it in. Meh. Get's the point across, right?

As you can see though, it's about to get good. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CTM#1 - 1st two pages!

More coming soon, but here's a little something to sate everyone's appetite.

And Manoa makes her return! You know this is going to end well already, right? :)

So, I've been playing around with some different art stuff behind the scenes. For example, I'm actually working with a larger sketch pad now. Pro: I'm making up much larger, more detailed pages than before. Con: Said pages are taking longer, because I'm putting more work into them.
I don't like updating less frequently, but I hope you guys will notice an improvement in the art quality. :/
More soon!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a placeholder post...

I hat to go this long without updating, so I just wanted to mention there IS new stuff coming- hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with. The new stuff is going to be awesome! See y'all in 24 hours~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Super-post Spectacular!!!

Hello again, internet citizens!

It's been a little while, for which I apologize. But I've not been idle in that time, no siree.
To start off with, I present cleaned-up, colored deluxe editions of the cover art for the 1st five issues of "Tales of Schlock"!

*Phew* These took a while. I'm still getting the hang of coloring and post-production. The second draft is still taking at least as much time as the first (if not more). Still, I'm very confident the final product will meet with your approval.

Also, I'm very, VERY proud to announce that with these 5 DX pages, "Tales of Schlock" has officially reached the big 3 digits: Happy 100 pages everyone! To celebrate, here's Manoa, Fukumi & Roux to say thanks-

Thanks to Ricky Daniels for the idea (& check his page out, good stuff). I am super pleased with this picture. So much, I decided the banner was due for an update. What does everyone think?

What? Still not enough? Okay, fine. I've got one more for y'all... how about the cover to our next issue? Yeah, I thought so.

You may all return from the edge of your seats now. This issue is the first in a series, though I plan on switching it out with others rather than plowing through like with "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" (or the next string, which will come after this issue).

Thanks again everyone, your feedback is what keeps me coming back with more. Till next time, stay frosty.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bride of the Mummy - Final 4!

I am soooooo tired right now. But I'm going to stumble through the fog and mist to present all y'alls with the concl. to our latest ish!

It's finally done. I'm always somewhat amazed to see one of these suckers finished. I always look back on it and second guess, criticize it internally, but at the end of the day, I'm proud. And all that criticism gets filed away for my own personal revisions - something I really am planning on doing someday.
Well, at any rate, so ends Roux's tale this month. She'll be back again, but we've got something a little different coming up. See, pretty soon we'll have hit 100 pages (!) of Tales of Schlock, so I want the next update to be something a little special. Stay tuned!
After that? Well, I've taken the votes from our poll into consideration, and I've got the lineup for the next few issues set. We'll be seeing from Manoa again next issue in a little more fluffy tale than last time. After that, Oh boy. I've got another multi-issue storyline queued up that I've been itching to do. It's actually one of the big one's that got me started on Tales of Schlock originally. You folk's enjoy it, I guarentee. ;) It's all coming soon, right here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bride of the Mummy - Pages 13 & 14!

Hello everyone, just a small update tonight. Gotta couple more pages of "Bride of the Mummy" banged out. I think you'll agree it is startin' to get fun.

At last, the sexy sexy! This issue, as I mentioned, has been a little (lot) more slow paced than the "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" storyline. I'm still experimenting with the 'build up' to 'pay off' ratio of these things. I have been trying to keep plenty of cheesecake in there to keep y'all going though.
What're everyone's opinions? Do you like a little more story? Does it help sell the fun stuff? Or should it all just jump into the action? Leave your stance in the comments, I'll give it my consideration.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Model Mondays - Karla Lane (New art, too!)

Oh, Monday. Bane of the working dude's existence. I'm stoked though because it's MY Friday, after 7 straight days on. Well, that's how we earn the big bucks, right? But we're not here to discuss big bucks. We're here for the Big Butts! First up, another three pages of "Bride of the Mummy" for your viewing enjoyment.

I have to apologize to my fans over at Hentai Foundry. When I posted there, page 12 went straight up but 10 & 11 went into pending. o_O But they should be up shortly, I dare say!

Ah, but speaking of Mondays, It's time for another model to take the spotlight! This week it's one of my favorite cuties, Karla Lane.

The full gallery is here.

The curves, the smile, and how you can tell she's having fun - she is just so girl next door! I highly recommend checking her out. She's often seen wearing a corset. And Good Lord, a bbw in a corset is like... analogies fail me. It's just the best.

Oh, and please, comment if you like something (or not)! I want to hear from y'all so I can fine-tune this place and make it the best bbw/big booty/adult comic/fetish-type deal blog out there!

Till next time, stay frosty.