Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctor Patient Confidentiality #3 - Final 6 pages!

Oh good lord, this update was a marathon in the preparation. But all my blood sweat and tears are for your benefit, let me remind you. *glower* I jest, I jest, but you surely don't want to listen to me yap. Here it is, the conclusion to Issue number three of our little BBW bondage fantasy!

As with all these pages, there's still some serious revision to take place. I already know I'll be redoing page 13 a bit (Hentai Foundry rejected for its famously unhelpful reason of 'anatomy errors', although I'm pretty sure I know what they're getting at...). Look for the revised page(s) to be up soon. At least the damn thing is readable for now and the thought, as it were, is completed.

I've said this before, but this issue was a little bit outside of my norm. The forced-feeding is always a guilty pleasure for me, and I don't think we've seen the last of it. The forced urination? I'm not actually into watersports, although it was fun as an element of Manoa's domination. The giantess thing kinda came out of no where, but was a lot of fun to work in. This issue was sort of a sampler of lesser fetishes of mine that I wanted to indulge before moving things on. I enjoyed making this issue to be sure, but my more regular tastes will be returning for issue 4... which is coming soon. ;)

Issue 4 is going to be the conclusion to this particular story arc, after which I'll most likely do some standalone issues to loosen things up a bit before I return to another multi-issue arc. I have tons of both to work through, it's just a question of which to start first... Ack! One thing at a time, one thing at a time...

[EDIT 6/11/10: Updated page 13 to revised page. Thank you Hentai Foundry, for keeping me honest about when something is falling on the wrong side of the 'crap' line.]

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