Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breast & Booty Expansion sketches

Hello again, everyone! Still chipping away at the Doctor Patient Confidentiality work. It's the final chapter, and I'm a little amazed at how close to completing this first story arc I am (and then I think of all the work still needed to come, and my eyes kinda glaze over... O_o)
I don't want to burn out trying to complete this one too fast, so I took my last day off from work (when I usually get the bulk of this stuff cranked out) and indulged with some sketches of different subject matter.

It's fun to do stuff with breast expansion, butt expansion, etc. It's so ridiculous, but oh so yummy. I think I'll end up working some of this stuff into my superheroine arc a little bit down the line, but that's so far ahead I don't want to overthink it. For now, enjoy a few pages from the sketch book.

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