Monday, April 12, 2010

Model Mondays - Scarlett!

Ugh, monday morning and getting ready to go in to my day job here. Just enough time to slip out the first installment in a new feature to this blog: Model Mondays! Mondays will now be a day to celebrate inspiration ladies of the big booty persuasion. These are the sexy women who inspire me to do my art thing. I'm certain they'll meet with your approval. ;)
Introducing this new feature is my all-time bestest, baddest, most favoritest representative of the big booty world: Scarlett! Scarlett is the original big booty model. She's had incredible longevity in her career (10+ years, which is amazing given how ephemeral most models careers are) and she has been smoking hot every step of the way.

imagebam imagebam imagebam
imagebam imagebam

I also run a (nearly never updated, I'm afraid) fan site of hers on yahoo groups. Here's the link:

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