Monday, April 5, 2010

The doctor will see you now!

If you like bbws, big boobs, lesbians, and nurses: I have good news: your day has come.

Whew! This one has been a long time coming (heh, that's what she said), but I am so proud to finally serve up the final pages of the first issue of "Tales of Schlock"... well, the rough draft at least. :/

I can hardly believe that it's finally done. I've never tried to put together a complete piece like this before, to try and put my drawing in boxes so that it actually makes sense, but I'm surprised by how easily it came along. That's not to say there was no sweat, blood or other humors. I've really been teaching myself as I go along, fitting this stuff into my nigh non-existent free time. Looking back over it, I see plenty of changes and tweaks to put in, before we clean it up and take it out on the town.
Not sure if I want to focus on the polishing first, or plunge straight ahead and get a rough of chapter 2 up. That's the issue I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into. Hmmm, maybe I just talked myself into it.
At any rate, till next time, internet denizens!

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