Friday, March 19, 2010

The goods are here at last!

Hello again internet denizens!
So, imagefap seems to be behaving itself again so I can bring you a big honking update. Since my last real post, I had a nasty stomach bug that kept me holed up pretty good for a couple of days. Nothing better to do but draw, right? So, I figured I'm finally gonna sit down and bang out one of the comics I've always wanted to produce. It's been tricky, and a lot of this stuff I'm teaching myself as I go along, but I really think its coming together nicely.
Here is a rough draft of the cover and 1st five pages of my story. Not much action yet, but plenty of cheesecake. I cleaned up the panel borders and text from my initial sketches. In later drafts I'll get the artwork touched up, work some color in. But for now, I present my work in progress. Enjoy!

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