Sunday, March 28, 2010

More of the good stuff!

Okay, pt.2 to my last post. Here's the next 6 pages.

I really like how this one is coming along, for a first effort. Of course there's plenty of work to do to clean it up, finishing the first draft notwithstanding. I'm hoping that I should have the whole first draft done (and up!) in about a week or so. Wish me luck, it all has to fall into my (nonexistant) spare time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The goods are here at last!

Hello again internet denizens!
So, imagefap seems to be behaving itself again so I can bring you a big honking update. Since my last real post, I had a nasty stomach bug that kept me holed up pretty good for a couple of days. Nothing better to do but draw, right? So, I figured I'm finally gonna sit down and bang out one of the comics I've always wanted to produce. It's been tricky, and a lot of this stuff I'm teaching myself as I go along, but I really think its coming together nicely.
Here is a rough draft of the cover and 1st five pages of my story. Not much action yet, but plenty of cheesecake. I cleaned up the panel borders and text from my initial sketches. In later drafts I'll get the artwork touched up, work some color in. But for now, I present my work in progress. Enjoy!

Imagefap boggles me

Hey folks, not dead, but am having some issues with imagefap, the site I host pictures on. For some reason nothing I'm uploading is displaying, which puts a wee bit of a hold on things. Sorry! As soon as I get this resolved, I promise a really big, nice, juicy update. Till then~