Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some new stuff for y'all

Howdy! There's a blizzard outside and I've had nothing to do all day but work on scanning in my old journals. In that spirit, I've uploaded some new stuff for y'all to enjoy.
Starting with the best, here's one of Manoa and Fukumi in one of those fixes they always seem to stumble into.

Most of the stuff I draw, I tend to put it into some sort of narrative focus - in short, I tend to draw as if illustrating a story. while the one above is (for now) a stand alone, A lot of the stuff I'll post will be linked to one story or another.
On that note, I've added a couple more images from my 'Dickish Stepmother' series, plus a new version of one I'd posted before (added in the dialogue). In this series, a college co-ed girl falls victim to the lusty ministrations of her twisted stepmother. I really feel like I've been neglecting this one lately, but heck, I still have plenty you guys haven't seen, so no worries.

More coming soon!

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