Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dark Cherry Latte - pages 7-9!

Happy holidays everyone! Did you miss me? I missed me too- it's been a glorious Xmas bacchanale of eggnog and festivities... or maybe I spent most of it on the couch in a feverish flu-induced haze. Either way, we survived another December, which just leaves the end-of-year noisemaking before we do it all again.
But I think we have time for ONE more update this year, don't you? The aforementioned craziness slowed me down QUITE a bit... but I wouldn't pop in without something to show for it, eh?

More coming soon. All the groundwork is laid, and from here on out its all skin & action. Yeah, I know what you folks like.
See y'all soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Whoever you are, whatever your creed, hope your holidays are beautiful!

Oh, and one more page for "Dark Cherry Latte". Enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dark Cherry Latte - 1st five pages!

Welcome to expositionsville! :D

Don't have much to add for the moment. In general, I've been going a little slower producing pages lately, and I think the quality's improved for that.
Ooog, so tired... totally gonna have a good sleep in tomorrow (thank god for days off!). I might try to get my holiday piece together too we'll see won't we?
Good night internet~

Monday, November 29, 2010

Model Mondays - Big Booty Crystal Clear, Voluptuous London Andrews (and new art to boot!)

Here we go folks, this is a BIG update full of some BIG beauty, BIG booty, and BIG boobies... are you ready? Good, I thought so. Deep breath now, cuz' here we go!

First up is one of the big names of BBW adult entertainment, Crystal Clear! Crystal has had some amazing longevity in an industry where names come and go as often offscreen as on... as it were... anyway, good news for her fans since this means there's lots of her stuff available out there! Now, how about some pics, eh?

(Full gallery here)

Next up, a reletive newcomer- at least to me. London Andrews has a very classy, pinup vibe going for her. She's a lady with curves, and a smile to die for. Reminds me in a lot of ways of a slightly thicker Aria Giovanni. Don't take my word for it- a picture's worth a thousand words, eh?

(Full gallery here)
(Oh, and you can also find her blog right here on blogspot)

Well, if you got past these two smexy ladies, maybe you'd be interested in some of my humble ol' work? For starts, I give you the cover to our next issue- "Coffee Tea or Me?"#2!

Yes, Manoa is BACK! And just as thick and luscious as ever- Deedo doesn't stand a chance, I'd wager. I'm sure he doesn't mind, though. :D

Okay, and just because I love you kids, one more, something a little different- I present the first in what I hope will be many to come of the TOS Quickies!

This little one-off was drawn for the BBW artist group over at Chubby Parade- a good group of folks, lemme tell ya. Anywho, Let it be one more taste of Roux for a couple issues. Don't worry, she'll be back. As will I, in our next update.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - Conclusion!

So late... and I need to be up early, so just gonna get these up and let y'all enjoy!

And there you have it! The forces of good prevail... a bit sticky, but unbroken. No updates for the next couple days, between working retail hell and Thanksgiving family time. Oh well, look forward to at least one new piece before the month is out (I still owe the good folks over at Chubby Parade my sci-fi theme piece...)
Wow. I can't believe my little epic is over. I. am. Satisfied. I hope you are too.
Well, good night, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - Pages 13-15!

Who's ready for the exciting climax? (The Incubus sure is, lemme tell ya...)


*cough* sorry, had a brief spazz-out. It's almost frightening to think that in three more pages this storyline will be at a close- I haven't done a lengthy multi-issue one like this since this series launched with the "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" storyline. Phew! It's hard work for me, but I keep pushing myself to become a better artist and I think its (very, very slowly) paying off. I'm just glad you guys seem to enjoy watching me work. :)
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! I promise satisfaction for all! (Or at least, most pertinent parties.)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - Pages 7-12

First off, thanks for your comments on the previous post, folks! I truely do feed off of feedback, so thanks for that. I try to make my stuff available in a couple of places, so I'm glad to hear that Drunk Duck has been a good, less-annoying alternative to imagefap. I also post completed issues up at E-Hentai, so if you're active over there, check it out!

Blah blah blah, you wanted pics, right?

Thankfully for Roux, looks like we're done with the monster spawning, but something just as bad has come up. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! Only 6 pages left to go!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - Pages 3-6

Howdy hey, ev'y budday! :D
So I marathoned it a little bit on my day off, and now you cool cats get some new pages! Here it is- the diabolical birth scene from "The Web of the Incubus"! Muwahaha~

I've got to be perfectly honest with ya, this scene is pushing my own personal envelope, in a couple ways. It's one of the most demanding art-wise... but that's always the case as I push myself more and more. No, frankly, I just want to reassure some folks (and disappoint others, I'm sure) but in my own estimation, this is about as 'out there' as I'm looking to take this series. I'm satisfied, and I hope you are too. (Have an opinion? Post it in the comments!)
Anywho, I've decided finally that the next issue is going to be a sequel to "Coffee, Tea, or Me?". Manoa's due for a turn, and that series is going to be a bit lighter in tone after the current darker one. And no, that's not a fat joke. ;)
Till next time!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Web of the Incubus#3 - The Womb of Babylon

The new issue is begun! And boy, do the characters have some issues, lemme tell ya...

More soon. No witticisms tonight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Web of the Incubus#2 - Conclusion!

Good lord almighty, I'm embarrassed to have not done a proper update in a while.
You folks been checking the gallery link, right? I keep that up to date, even when I don't post an entry y'know. Okay? Okay. Art!

So! "Web of the Incubus"#2 is fait complis! Dat means itza wrap, yo. What'd everyone think? I'm enjoying writing a straightup fantasy. It gives me a creative liscense to get a little weird, which is where it gets interesting, don't you think? :) I'll be starting on "Web of the Incubus"#3 soon enough, and that will be the conclusion to this story arc. Still kinda deliberating what's next after that... There's a superheroine issue I'm dieing to do, but since it stars Roux and Fukumi again, I want to do an issue focusing on different characters first. It'll either be another "Coffee, Tea or Me?" issue (starring Manoa!), or one of a new series introducing a couple of new characters. Hmmm, decisions, decisions... given that it'll be December before I'm done this story arc, no need to decide yet I suppose...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Web of the Incubus#2 - pages 07-09!

Hola~ Did you miss me? I missed me too. Blarg, real life has given me zero time to relax, and now that its my day off, I have the freakin' flu. Life sucks. Well, for me at least. You guys get an update! Kaloo-kalay, and all that jazz.

So yeah, obviously this storyline will not be wrapped up this month (oh, to live in a perfect world). But I should hopefully get this issue down by Halloween. If my sinuses ever give me a moment's rest... *sniff*